Skills of battery-usage in winter
  The weather is getting cold, electric bicycle riding and driving electric vehicle users, generally feel that the car mileage short, then begin to replace the new battery, in fact if used properly, not only in the winter can smoothly through, next year when the weather warms up, will and a new battery.  
First, realizing that the battery capacity will be reduced in winter, which is resulting in a reduction in mileage. According to National standards, with -15 degrees Celsius, the battery capacity will not less than 75%, but we ride the road feeling, the mileage is very short. In fact, the battery capacity is low, mainly related to our charge, the standard low temperature capacity is at room temperature (25 C) after charging, in the cooling to low temperature requirements for testing, the general capacity will reach more than 80%.
When battery under low temperature, the activity of each active material is reduced and the electrode on the dissolution become difficult, increase the internal resistance of the battery, polarization resistance is very high when charging, constant voltage charging, the charging current is drastically decreased, positive plate charge current is only 70% of normal temperature when charing at below 20℃,while anode charging by the expansion agent, low temperature charge ability to become lower, its charging current is only 40% at room temperature at below 20℃. At -40 C, the charging current is 0, that is, no matter how long you charge, set the current, the battery is not charged into the power. Therefore, under the condition of low temperature, the charging main has the problem of poor acceptance ability and insufficient charging, so it is required to increase the charging voltage and prolong the charge time. High-grade electric car charger general settings installed by charging temperature compensation system, low-temperature charging effect is good, but most of the battery and electric moped no this function. We have adopted the method, small battery and bungalows users can to indoor charging with, but most urban users, charging only in a basement or garage. This is need to we the battery insulation, proper cover blankets, insulation materials, can solve the big problem, because when charging the battery will generate heat, we adopted the simple thermal insulation, battery to reaches the charge temperature required. Meet us the next day, of course, can not be completely sealed.
Also has in the winter the use of discord in the summer, can through the observation car with lights, determining the remaining capacity of the battery, winter often appear, there are a lot of light, but a very fast without electricity the, so to cause the battery sulfation, plus the charge is insufficient, cause irreversible sulfate, shorten the battery life. So we have to know how far their cars can travel, when traveling to 50%-70% in a timely manner to charge.
Two simple requirements, do not feel trouble, but in order to our battery, and the next year, as well as the new battery, please take care of it.

Battery Knowledge

Battery use if you master some skills, life will be longer, the performance will be better.

The following is the use of electric car batteries common sense problem:
1、Do you want to charge the battery before using the new electric car?
     need. Battery from the factory to the loading to your hands have a turnover process, in the
     turnaround time battery self discharge will lead to lack of capacity. Therefore, it is
    necessary to recharge with the car charger for battery until sufficient so far.

2、If you have a long trip outside, when the electric car should not respond to the battery for
     what treatment?
     Must be adequate electric battery after storage, and after each month must be a   
     supplementary power of the battery, to avoid the battery due to the long-term loss of
     electricity stored in batteries for plate sulfation and the capacity decreased or even

3、Winter use of electric vehicles will appear what situation, how to avoid?
     Using electric cars in winter you will feel a clear decline in the continued mileage (more
     obvious in the North), this is a normal phenomenon. Because low humidity environment, a 
     battery charge acceptance ability is reduced, furthermore electrolyte viscosity increases,
     increase the resistance of electrochemical reaction. As a result, the decline in battery  
     capacity. Therefore, consumers should avoid the use of electric vehicles in winter
     outdoors overnight or in low temperature environment.

4、Summer use of electric vehicles should pay attention to what matters?
     1) Avoid in the hot sun exposure, is strictly prohibited in the high temperature environment;
     2) Avoid driving at high temperatures immediately after charging to prevent the charging
         time is too long (normal 8 hours);

     3) When the battery is charged, the power supply case is hot or not, and the battery or
         the battery charger should be tested and maintained in a timely manner.

5、Should pay attention to what the electric car ride?
       In order to extend the service life of the EV's you, when the electric car startup suggest
     you best first  manpower, and then use the power cycling; riding load should not be
     excessive (in accordance with the regulations do not exceed 75kg); in the process of
     riding in case of steep slopes or upwind should pedal  power. The above measures are to
     avoid the battery due to high current discharge and affect the life.

6、When the electric car ride, such as electric power shortage can continue to ride it?
     No, you should charge in time when the power is not enough. Although the battery
     controller limited voltage protection, but still for a moment, the storage point voltage rise,
     but also a short ride, so the maximum battery damage, will cause the battery over
    discharge, seriously affect the service life.

7 the electric car battery charge when the battery is what harm?
    If use is inferior charger or charger failure or your battery charging time is too long, will
    cause the aggravated battery water loss, premature electrolyte dry, easy to cause the
     rechargeable drum deformation, to make the early termination of the service life of the

8、Electric vehicle batteries need to maintain it?
     need.Because of the battery in the charging process will produce oxyhydrogen gas, the
     vast majority of gas will be in a battery into water, only a small fraction of the gas will be
     discharged from the battery through the relief valve, for a long time will lead to cell loss. So
    your electric car in the use of 8-10 months later or when the power supply box when the
    battery is hot to the battery operating stores or our service outlets for the maintenance of

9、Electric bicycle continued line mileage is short whether the battery problem?
     Not necessarily. When the battery aging, capacity decline, continued line mileage will
     become shorter, but the following does not belong to the battery problem will lead to the
     continuation of the shorter mileage:

     1)When the efficiency of the motor is reduced, the useless work is increased, and the
          amount of power is wasted, so that the mileage of the continued line becomes shorter;

     2)Poor quality battery charger to charge the battery every day, so that the battery
          capacity is not enough to cause the continued mileage of the daily decline to become

     3)Bad controller to make the electric car starting current is too large, the starting time is
          too long and waste of electricity, resulting in the electric car continued to become
          shorter mileage;

     4)Poor quality electric vehicles in various parts of the friction coefficient of friction is too
         large, or the mechanical transmission resistance is too large, can also cause a waste 
         of electricity, which led to a short trip mileage.

10、What are the safety precautions when using batteries?
       1)Battery shall not be close to open flame or high temperature heat source, shall not be
             thrown into the fire of the battery or immersed in water, no direct exposure to the sun
            or charge in the sun.

       2)Battery must not be placed in a closed container, should maintain a good ventilation.
       3)If it is found that the battery shell rupture, leakage, the battery must be replaced.
       4)Electrolyte is acidic solution, such as dip to the skin, clothing, immediately rinse with
            plenty of water, the hospital should be sent to hospital for treatment.

       5)Battery shall not be short circuit, shall not be used upside down.
11、Why the battery will be "gas explosion", how to prevent?
       Lead acid battery will not "gas explosion", the reason why the "gas explosion" is

       1)The power supply box is too sealed, the battery charging end to produce hydrogen
             gas can not escape;

       2)Power connector is loose, the aging or exposed to the outside, the key is connected
            to the discharge generated sparks or due to uneven pavement vibration circuit
            produces a spark that ignites the hydrogen.

       3)Power supply box of the fuse seat loose, in the charging and discharging process of
            the battery heat or sparks, igniting the hydrogen generated gas expansion, to break 
            through the battery cover.

      Prevention measures:
       1)In the design of the power supply box can not be too sealed, to have a number of
            0.1cm up and down convection ventilation holes, in order to facilitate the discharge of
            gas generated when charging;

      2)  If the power box in the design without ventilation holes in the installation must be set
          aside ventilation holes;
      3) Without the power box of the ventilation hole, the box can be opened when charging;
      4) Regularly check the power supply wiring to prevent loosening, aging or exposed to the
      5) Found that the fuse holder is in a timely manner, and increases the current rating of the
          fuse holder;

12、When the electric car battery charging best?
       When the electric quantity of the electric car is displayed on the lowest or near the
       lowest position, the charging of the electric vehicle is the best, which is beneficial to the
      service life of the battery. If the daily ride mileage in the 5-10km, it is recommended that
      you do not charge, that is, do not short mileage, ground charge. Otherwise it will cause
      the battery life in advance to terminate.

13、Whether it can be used for a single or a few batteries for replacement or another use?
      When your electric car battery in which one or several battery failure, to the whole set of
     replacement, not separate replacement of which there is only the fault of the battery. Only
     to maintain the battery can operate as appropriate.
     In particular, to remind you: a group of batteries shall not be one or several other for its

14、Can the charger be carried along with the car?
      Cannot, the electric car in the use of process often due to uneven pavement and vibrate,
      charger when the vibration, the parameters of the components will shift, affect the
      charging performance or even damage to the battery (charge is insufficient power or
      rechargeable drum battery), so that the charger is strictly prohibited along with the car

15、What is the core device of the electric car?
       Electric vehicles on the four major parts: batteries, motors, controllers, chargers are the
       core of electric vehicles (the main device part). We usually image to the battery analogy
       to the heart of the electric car, the controller metaphor for the brain, motor metaphor for
       the limbs, the charger for the external energy input. Four only to carry out reasonable
       use in order to play the best performance of electric vehicles. No matter which device
       has a problem or related parameters does not meet the requirements of each other
       configuration is reflected in the electric car on the emergence of a continuous line of
       short mileage, battery life in advance to terminate. So that the mileage of electric cars
       can not run long is not the problem of battery.

16、What are the characteristics of the sealed lead acid battery for the Olympic crown?
      1) large capacity, higher than the energy: the use of special production process, the
         capacity of more than 100%, than the energy of 35 - 40wh/kg;
      2) self discharge rate is very low, using high quality alloy grid, ultra pure electrolyte, self
         discharge rate is very small, little water loss;
      3) the cycle life is long: the sealing reaction efficiency is high, has the characteristic of
         long life. 25 C under normal use, the cycle life exceeds the national standard. To
         maintain the use of longer cycle life;
      4) safe and reliable: the use of a unique design of the safety valve, the use of time, safety
      5) fully sealed leak proof structure: the battery can be used in any direction (except for
         inversion), it has the advantages of full sealed valve control, but also has the
         characteristics of maintenance;
     6) optimization design: the use of button or insert cover, so that the battery maintenance
         is more convenient, regular maintenance can greatly extend the life of the battery;
     7) the use of a variety of forms: both float use and recycling use.
What is the impact of the climate environment on the batteries being charged?
During charging, the summer should be in a ventilated and dry (but away from the fire source) in the environment, the same winter in the ventilation and dry temperature is not less than zero degrees Celsius indoors.

Is the electric car battery cycle number is certain?
Cycle times, according to the discharge depth is different, the discharge depth is deeper, the number of cycles is less, the discharge depth is shallow, the number of cycles is more.

What is the effect of temperature on the performance of the battery?
Battery during charge and discharge, the higher the temperature, battery positive and negative electrode reaction increases, charging is easy to receive; discharge capacity; easy to cause overcharge; charging when the temperature is low, charge acceptance ability is poor, the discharge capacity. The change of temperature directly affects the charge and discharge performance of the battery.
Battery voltage high capacity is big?
Battery voltage and capacity are two concepts, voltage and electrolyte concentration, battery capacity and the active material of the amount, the reaction conditions and utilization, connection, therefore high voltage can not be said capacity is high, low voltage is not necessarily capacity is low.
What is the relationship between the initial capacity and the life of the battery?
The shape and size of the electric vehicle battery is certain, the quality of the plate has been limited to a certain extent, only to improve the utilization of active material, to improve the capacity. The initial capacity of the battery is high, will increase the two lead content and proportion of sulfuric acid, but they do

Will accelerate the softening of the positive plate, resulting in accelerated battery life decay.
Electric vehicle batteries in what circumstances need to maintain the charge?
Electric vehicle battery met following a temporary need for maintenance charge:, battery capacity fading too fast; II, behind the battery; (3), a battery after the loss of fluid and re infusion; 4, the battery for a long time after placing, gymnasium, the battery appears severe discharge; and, the battery for a long time? To work in low temperature environment; seventhly, charger parameters unreasonable long-term undercharge.
Allgrand group electric vehicles need to be fluid when the use of gel?
Due to electric vehicle battery is a kind of valve control sealed battery, normal use occurred in the process of oxygen recombination reaction. The water consumption volume is very small, but due to the using effects of environmental conditions and charge may be some battery water loss is bigger, even dry phenomenon, at this time to deal with its regular, quantitative complement plus colloid electrolyte, and liquid after 2-3 charge discharge cycle, the battery returned to normal.
What harm does a discharge have to the battery?
Battery discharge, especially with higher current over discharge emits a lot of heat and amount of sulfuric acid battery rarely, concentration of sulfuric acid reduces is very low, greatly weakened battery charge acceptance ability, especially the harm.
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